Dog bites can be fatal. For instance, according to a report published by, 471 Americans succumbed to dog bites in the US between 2015 and 2018.  A significant number of dog attacks and bite cases are a result of negligence by dog owners. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to train not to attack, put it on a leash or enclose it in a secure yard. Unfortunately, some dog owners are not responsible enough, so it now becomes your duty to protect yourself from dog attacks and bites. Here are few tips that can help out during an intense dog attack.

  • Stay calm

Attacking dogs will run at you while barking. In such a case, you should remain calm and assertive. Do not give fear or anxiety. Dogs can feel the energies, and they can feel your fear which is their ultimate intention. Do not yell or kick the dog; it will only make it more aggressive.

  • Avoid eye contact

Paying close eye contact with the dog show it that you are paying attention. You should not provide for that chance. Also, maintain a straight posture and slightly sideways to reduce the target area. Keep your dog in your peripheral vision.

  • Claim your own space

If you are carrying something, e.g., an umbrella, place it in front of you so that you appear huge. It gives you command of your space, and the dog will most likely retreat.

  • Create a distraction

Suppose the dog decides to attack physically. Use something to divert its attention. You can use a jacket or a shoe and as bait. Then you can run for safety.

  • Protect vital parts

Protect your face, chest, and neck. Hold your hand into a fist to avoid finger bites.

  • Try not to pull away

If you are bitten, resist the urge to pull away. It will only make the bite worse. Instead, used your hand to hold and lift the hind legs off the ground as you ask for help.

Remember, dogs are naturally inclined to attacking humans unless they feel threatened. You should avoid getting close to an unknown dog with no leash.