If you have seen a dog fight, you know how frightening it can be. They go down fast and can get very messy. If you are the dog owner, it would be best to understand and avoid situations that can trigger dog fights. For instance, avoid walking your dog without a leash in unknown territories, desist feeding dogs from one bowl, among others. Remember, dogs are possessive in nature and will do anything to protect their pack, territories, and anything they possess.

Sometimes, the fight is unforeseen and unavoidable. Usually, your instincts will be to try and save your dog. Do not just do it! You could end up in much trouble. Well, here a few expert-recommended ways on how to safely break up a dog fight.

  • Distract fight dogs

Shifting the fighting dogs’ attention is a safe way of stopping a dog fight. For instance, you can throw water over them or use loud noise such as an air horn and hit two metals against each other to create a distraction.

  • Use wheelbarrow method

The method is more effective when there is more than one person at the scene. It is the safest and fastest way of stopping a dog fight. Each person should grab the fighting dogs’ hind legs and walk backward to pull the dogs away from each other. Ensure that you have lifted the legs so that the dog only stands with its front leg. Isolate the dogs to avoid any other fights.

  • Use a barrier

If you are all alone during the fight, you can try using a physical barrier. You can use a wood block, chair- anything portable and big enough to separate the fighting dogs. This will help keep your body and hands out of harm. Then you can separate each dog at a time.

Warning: Do not be swift to stop a dog fight alone. It can send the wrong signal to the dogs, and you can end up being the victim of the fight.