Like humans and werewolves, dogs also have born leaders- dominant dogs. These are dogs that will lead a pack and will not back down no matter what! We call them Alpha dogs.  Such dogs are full of themselves and very aggressive, even to their owners. If you are not a leader yourself, handling a dominant dog can be challenging. It would help if you established yourself as the pack leader; otherwise, you will end up straining your relationship.

Here are few tips that will help you deal with an Alpha dog.

  • Remain calm and more assertive

Dogs can feel and read your energy. They can sense when you are anxious or nervous. They have an affinity to correct unbalanced such unbalanced energy and thus will try to dominate you. To avoid such, it is paramount that you remain calm and assertive than usual. It will send a signal that you are in charge.

  • Avoid physical punishment

Contrary to common belief, physically punishing a dominant dog will send the wrong signal. Instead of staying calm, it elevates stress and fuel aggressive behavior.

  • Consistent rules

Alphas set the rules. You need to assume the position by setting and restricting the rule around the house. Teach them that being submissive is the only way they get rewarded- it’s agility training.

  • Don’t force affection

Dominant dogs are naturally solitary. Remember, in the pack, it the beta dogs that approach the Alpha male for guidance. So, you don’t force affection; you will only be putting your dog in an alpha position. Ignore the dog, and if it feels lonely, it will come looking for you.

  • Take advantage of meals

In the pack, Alpha dogs eat first. You should eat first too. Do not allow the dog around the family table. Only put the bowl down if he/she remains calm and submissive.  The dog should only eat if commanded to eat.

If your dog is an Alpha, you need to be a stable alpha too. Uphold stable and positive energy, and the dog will follow your lead.