Puppy socializing involves introducing your pup to the surrounding; the people, objects, cars, places, and animals. Socializing helps reduce fear, anxiety, stress, and deviant stimuli in the future. The intention is to help the pup interact, learn about new environments and help instil a positive social behavior. And while most people may differ on the best age to begin socializing puppies, the Animal Human Society recommends that gradual socializing start at 3 weeks to 12 weeks. It should, however, be intensive on week 7 to 12 weeks. Having established the reasonable socializing time frame, the question remains, how do you socialize your new pup? Here are a few tips with regard to that.

  • Socialize at home

Before moving to socialize at a community level, it is imperative that it familiarizes with its home. Clear your schedule and find time to introduce your new puppy to people and animals at home. Allow the pup to sniff around and familiarize themselves with the scents. Let the pup play around; it helps foster independence and reduces anxiety when you are not around.

  • Take walks

Regular short walks along the road on a leash help build a connection with the outside environment; cars, bikes, and sounds. It is also a perfect way to ensure that your pup stays fit and healthy.

  • Go to the dog park

This is an excellent opportunity for your dog to interact with other dogs. Ensure you have tasty treats for positive reinforcement. If she behaves aggressively, leave the premises and try it some other time. Do not force the pup into an interaction.

  • Engage in social activities

You can travel around using your car to counter car travel sickness, visit the park and play fun games with the pup. Keep the pup active. As they say, a tired pup is a happy pup.

  • Introduce it to new people

You can invite your friends and their dogs. Ask them to maintain a friendly interaction and gentle tone when interacting with the pup. It will help reinforce positive social behavior towards people.

Pet socializing should not stop at 12week, it a journey of life. Work to introduce your dog to more experience. It will help cultivate active and positive behavior with you and everything around you.