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  • review rating 5  The difference in our dog is amazing. She's relaxed and happy - and so are we. Peter really helped us understand how to help Catty comfortably become a member of our pack. It's only been a week since she's been home from her board-and-train, but we've already seen so many positive changes in Catty towards us and our cats that it's almost like magic! Thank you, Peter!

    thumb John Smith
  • review rating 5  I know we have not been to see you in a while and have been busy with lot of things so far this year. I wanted to let you know that Rosie is doing great. She is a completely different dog. That little beagle that tried to bite you on the first day is so much calmer now The dog that had no confidence has become the social butterfly of the neighborhood. She enjoys playing and meeting new dogs and has adjusted well with our 2 Maltese. The kids absolutely love her to no end and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. This is the same dog we had apprehension of after we got her in dealing with her issues. The time investment and commitment has been well worth it all. Sure, she is not perfect and we need to work on a few things but she has come full circle. Peter, I really wanted to thank you for the service that you provide to help people and dogs to find harmony together. You are great at what you do. We spread the word of you to every dog owner we meet. We wish you continued success.I look forward to seeing you around town walking with my now calm dog

    thumb Steve McDonald
  • review rating 5  I have a 8 year old German Shepherd. For the past 4 years she is aggressive to people coming into the house, I struggle to walk her as she is nasty to other dogs and pulling me all over the place. She barks at people so I have to time my walks when no one is around. If I see someone with a dog I turn around or cross over the road. I did not enjoy walking her due to her aggressive nature. 6 months ago I got a Victoria Stillwell dog trainer and was given lots of handouts to work with and we practiced on a fake dog. Waste of time and money. Last week I contacted Peter and he come today. We discussed setting boundaries sleeping on the bed... diet and door manners. Within 20 minutes we were outside and Peter had a number of dogs with him. My dog reacted at one and this was corrected we then walked for an hour and as it was sunny we came across lots of dogs. My dog though a little unsure never once reacted in an aggressive manner. I am absolutely made up with my dog and I will recommend Peter to anyone with a reactive dog. In the second session Peter says my dog will be off leash and coming back on the recall. If this happens I will be over the moon! Peter thank you.

    thumb Steve Marsh
  • review rating 5  I have a 8 year old yellow Labrador that for the past 6 years was a nightmare to walk. Every dog it came across it was lunging at, barking and just frothing at the mouth, I thought she was being aggressive. I started timing my walks so I could avoid people early morning and late evening. I recently moved to South port and decided that I had to call someone for help. I contacted Peter and he explained my dog was scared and then implemented a plan. In the second session I walked through the biggest park in South port on a sunny afternoon with my dog. It was great. We also went into a Dog Café something I never thought I would do. I can work my dog anywhere and anytime now. If you have a reactive Dog call Peter at Dog harmony as he will sort this out for you.

    thumb A Google User
  • review rating 5  After our session Bailey is like a new dog, yesterday I was able to invite a stranger to bailey into the home. Bailey lay in his bed and eventually fell asleep allowing me to relax and enjoy my friends company. It's still early days, but the improvement we see already is unbelievable - we cannot thank you enough.. Bailey is now what we would call a normal dog. If you have a problem with your dog just give Peter a call.

    thumb Martin Lewis
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