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Peter came out to see, me my husband, and our two German shepherds, within minutes we were put at our ease, a trainer that speaks our language lol, my dog is reactive towards others, well off we went for a walk, Peter explained everything he could see, corrected it, and well wow, she behaved, I felt confident, great first meeting, starting lessons tomorrow can't wait, we would recommend Peter every day of the week, and trust me I've carted my girl to every sort of training there is to try and resolve her very stressful and anxious behaviours. Now I am able to walk her in my time rather than selecting times that I was aware were no other dogs. Next Summer both dogs are now able to come to France with us on the family holidayread more
wendy kim
wendy kim
07:44 15 Oct 18
I have a beautiful golden retriever but I am unable to walk him anymore He pulls on the lead he drags me to other dogs and though me means no harm the noise etc from his barking is scari have had to consider rejoining him but my friend told me to contact peter at dog harmony It was the best thing I ever did Within fourteen days my dog is so well behaved. I can take him anywhere now to meet all his little doggy friends and he is just a pleasure to own Peter I cannot thank you enough you have saved my dog and should anyone want to talk to me about the training program he implemented for me and my dog jus pass them my nameread more
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
12:17 09 Oct 18
Even though I grew up always having a dog, I knew I was going to need some help once I got a puppy of my own. Dog Harmony was the perfect choice. Our trainer, Peter, is fantastic! He is fun, friendly, and so effective. But I think my favorite thing about him is how much He loved my girl, Louise. I will definitely be using Dog Harmony to continue training as my pup gets older. They are the best!read more
judith owen
judith owen
09:26 08 Oct 18
Hamish our 8 year old Labrador X developed issues towards other dogs over a 2-3 year period. He would lunge, growl, bark and generally react very badly, to the point that I stopped taking him out as I had lost my confidence with him. 4 hours with Peter and what a transformation! I never thought it was possible, but I can now walk Hamish on his lead through a crowded high street, across a busy beach or, as we did recently, around a large dog show and he was so well behaved. We both enjoy our walks now and go out of our way to find places that are busy with other dogs to continue our training. Massive thanks to Peter for providing me with the techniques and confidence to work with Hamish and for the ongoing support she more
Mel Jones
Mel Jones
09:19 01 Oct 18
When we arrived home from the training session with Peter Bliss came through the door and it was 3 hours later when she moved for the first time! As you predicted, she was shattered! Previous training we have undertaken – whether with Bliss or our previous dogs – by comparison with your course has addressed only part of the dog’s needs. We came away shattered too, but also delighted with what you have helped us achieve. The standard of training we expected to be high, but it exceeded our expectations. With dogs (and perhaps more relevantly – people) at different standards with different needs you somehow dealt with my husband and I in a great and relaxed manners and the talks were more
Sheila Cook
Sheila Cook
02:07 29 Sep 18
Peter was absolutely incredible not just with our puppy but with our older dog too. He is so understanding and great with the dogs. Rosie our 4 month old puppy was so quick to listen and learn all of the lessons Peter taught him and me. So grateful for the time and effort He put in and wouldn’t want anothim trainer! We will be doing more training once the pup gets a little older and so happy we were able to get connected to such a great trainer right off the bat. Thank you, Peter!read more
karen king
karen king
21:45 24 Sep 18
Our dog Brody is the best dog ever, and a huge part of that is because of our work with DogHarmony! The walk rehab and one-on-one sessions have turned our dog into pure magic. Peter not only gives great tools for all situations, but truly loves your dog in the process and gives you great tools as an owner to see where you're transferring your own anxiety and fear to your pup. Contact Peter today for an amazing transformation - for you and your more
Macy Brown
Macy Brown
11:23 05 Sep 18
Can't recommend Peter highly enough. He took the time to explain why we were continuing to have problems with our dog - who has been nervous and reactive since we got her, despite using several other trainers - and showed us what to do. After just a couple of sessions we took her on holiday for a week - and had no problems whatsoever - walking past other dogs on crowded streets, off lead on the beach and sitting in pub gardens - all things we would have dreaded before. Many thanks Peter - your support and advice has been more
07:03 28 Aug 18
When my fiance and I got our Boxer puppy, we knew professional training was going to be a must. We found Peter through good mutual friends who RAVED about Peter and the work he did with them and their two beagles. From our first session on with Peter, we could see constant improvements with our puppy. Peter would take time to make sure we were doing all of the techniques properly, even if our patience grew thin, he remained calm and willing to walk us through it, from crate training to walking on a leash. He not only explained to us what to do, but also why. Why our dog interperpates things humans do the way he does and how we can better communicate with him. Our now not so puppy boxer continues to excel in his training using the tips and tricks Peter taught us. I think the training is the best investment we made in both our relationship with our dog and most importantly in his health and well more
Irene Richardson
Irene Richardson
22:57 27 Aug 18
When my partner, Keith and I decided we were going to get a Rottweiler puppy we were both rather anxious. Unlike me, Keith had never owned a dog before and was concerned about making sure the puppy was trained correctly. My concerns were because we had just finished a two-year renovation of our home, and I didn’t relish the thought of a puppy wrecking it! As it turns out neither of us had anything to worry about. Peter has been absolutely amazing and I am so happy that we contacted him. After a brief conversation with him, we decided to go for the ‘puppy training package’. In two-hour session prior to the puppy’s arrival Peter talked through everything we needed to know about getting the puppy home and our first few days together so that Keith and I felt confident and well prepared for the task ahead. Bobbie’s arrival (including the six hour journey home after picking her up) was completely stress free and by following the advice we had been given we were both amazed at the speed at which she became comfortable with her new family and home. Over the following weeks Peter has worked with us and given us the knowledge and ability so that Bobbie is growing up to be a well behaved, confident and loving puppy. If we ever needed advice we knew we could always call him and the support he gives has made this experience amazing. I would recommend to anyone who is getting a puppy (even if you have owned dogs before) that if they want to give their new arrival the best start they possibly can, then they should arrange to see Peter. Keith, Bobbie and I cannot thank him enough and we will forever be more
Jeremy Felton
Jeremy Felton
00:12 03 Aug 18
I have a large collie that was reacting all the time against other dogs and I have no idea why. I have spent hours on the internet but was just getting more confused. I got a dog trainer in but all he did was yank my dog quite sharply on its lead. I thought it was heavy handed but seem to work. I walked with the trainer and the dog was well behaved. However as soon as I started working with my dog all it did was react against other dogs. I contacted the trainer and the response was he has done his job and that was the end of that. After a month I contacted Peter Hargreaves and it was explained to me that the problem was my fault as I was nervous around my dog. Peter supplied proper equipment and with 2 hours my dog was walking and not reacting against other dogs. Soon after I let my dog off its lead in the local park and it came back. I am delighted my dog is now well behaved, I have the tools to walk my dog with confidence and the whole relationship is much better. I would recommend Peter Hargreaves to anyoneread more
Rob Linton
Rob Linton
16:36 30 Jun 18
The difference in our dog is amazing. She's relaxed and happy - and so are we. Peter really helped us understand how to help Catty comfortably become a member of our pack. It's only been a week since she's been home from her board-and-train, but we've already seen so many positive changes in Catty towards us and our cats that it's almost like magic! Thank you, Peter!read more
Kathleen Katty
Kathleen Katty
20:53 06 Jun 18
I know we have not been to see you in a while and have been busy with lot of things so far this year. I wanted to let you know that Rosie is doing great. She is a completely different dog. That little beagle that tried to bite you on the first day is so much calmer now The dog that had no confidence has become the social butterfly of the neighborhood. She enjoys playing and meeting new dogs and has adjusted well with our 2 Maltese. The kids absolutely love her to no end and she has become a wonderful addition to our family. This is the same dog we had apprehension of after we got her in dealing with her issues. The time investment and commitment has been well worth it all. Sure, she is not perfect and we need to work on a few things but she has come full circle. Peter, I really wanted to thank you for the service that you provide to help people and dogs to find harmony together. You are great at what you do. We spread the word of you to every dog owner we meet. We wish you continued success.I look forward to seeing you around town walking with my now calm dogread more
Steve McDonald
Steve McDonald
19:59 01 Jun 18
I would like to say a big thank you to Peter. Benji is a rescue puppy from Bulgaria. My sister in law took him on as a family dog but unfortunately he turned out to be a very nervous dog and completely shut down. She asked me to take him as I had experience with dogs. Benji would not move from the settee, wouldn't go out in the garden, i use to have to carry him. Wouldn't eat until during the night when no one was around. He was frightened of anything and everything. Wouldn't let anyone stroke him or even play with other dogs. I contacted Peter. He came to see us both. Within the first three hours he was here he turned Benji around. Had him walking in the garden, walking down the road on his lead. What a difference. He slowly started to play with other dogs when we went out and actually walking, not me carrying him! He then came back a few weeks later as Benji still wouldn't let people near him and again within a couple of hour's Rick was stroking him and walking him down the road. Benji has so much more confidence now. Still some way to go though. Peter is amazing. Such a caring person. There at the end of the phone. He's not only helped Benji but helped me also how to understand Benji's mind and what he is going through. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their little one. Thank you so more
Jane Killowen
Jane Killowen
18:12 31 Mar 18
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