How kids behave around dogs can make all the difference between a joyful, happy encounter for both child and dog or potential disaster with painful consequences, so here are a few kids rules for dogs to ensure the former.

Kids Rules for Dogs – the Dos

Growing up with dogs around them provides children with wonderful, lasting memories and trusted, loyal companions for many years to come. Naturally, this can only be the case if their encounters with dogs, be it within the family home or out in the streets with other people’s pets, are safe and happy experiences. To make sure their encounters with dogs are both safe and happy when and wherever they may occur, KIDS SHOULD ALWAYS:

  • Remember that not all dogs are friendly
  • Stick to the “no touch, no talk, no eye contact” rule when meeting new dogs
  • Ask dog owners’ permission to pet their dog before attempting to do so 
  • Meet new dogs in a calm and relaxed manner
  • Let new dogs come to and smell them before trying to pet them
  • Stay away from & ignore off-leash or stray dogs
  • Stand perfectly still if a dog barks or growls at them
  • Drop & cover their head and face if a dog knocks them to the ground
  • Treat all dogs with respect
  • Practice walking their/any dog the correct way
  • Think being a responsible dog owner is cool

Kids Rules for Dogs – the Don’ts

There are, of course, also a few things KIDS SHOULD NEVER do if they want their time with dogs to be without unfortunate mishaps. These things include NEVER:

  • Making any loud noises when around dogs
  • Bothering dogs that are eating
  • Waking dogs that are sleeping
  • Teasing dogs in any way
  • Reaching through fences or car windows to touch or pet dogs
  • Taking toys or bones from dogs
  • Getting in-between two dogs
  • Putting their faces close to dogs’ faces
  • Pulling on dogs’ tails or ears
  • Bothering dog mothers with their puppies (or the puppies, of course)
  • Entering yards/gardens with dogs without permission

Solving Problems 

If your kids behave around dogs like they are supposed to, but your dog still has issues with them and/or displays potentially dangerous behaviour when they are around, he may have had a bad experience with children in the past and/or be suffering with stress or anxiety for some reason. If you believe this may be the case, give our experienced behaviourists a call on 07776761289 now to get helpful advice on/assistance with helping your dog overcome these problems, correct his behaviour and make sure your kids and dog can lead a happy, safe and secure life together.