Whether you are a trainer, owner or someone who works around dogs, eventually, you will experience a dog that is like no other. This dog does what it wants, when it wants and it doesn’t have a problem showing his dominance among other dogs and people alike. While there is nothing wrong with this dog, after all, he is just doing what pack leaders do in the wild, it does present a problem here in the domesticated world.

If you are experiencing a dominant dog and you don’t quite know how to handle it, keep reading for some simple, yet effective tips that will help you do just that.

Here Are Some Things That You Can Do To Handle A Dominant Dog

Remain Calm, Yet Assertive- dominant dogs seem to follow unstable energy and they often feed off of it. They might even try to correct it which is why it is even more important that you remain as calm as possible, but still be assertive with them to show them that you are in charge, not them.

Set Rules, Boundaries, And Limitations- right from the start, you need to set rules, boundaries and limitations with a dominant dog and stick to them. This can help them refocus their dominance and help them feel more confident in your leadership capabilities. Make them need your permission to go inside or to eat, having them wait at the door or beside their food dish until they are submissive and calm.

Make Them Come To You- in the wild, the pack leader doesn’t go to his followers, they come to him. This is something that is very difficult for humans to do and that is how we lose our ‘pack leader’ status. the best approach is to a dominant dog is to ignore them until they come to you seeking affection. While this might sound cruel to some, it really is the best way to establish your dominance and correct a lot of your dog’s bad behaviour.

Take Advantage Of Meal-Time- when it comes to dominant dogs, they will always want to eat first. This is what pack leaders do in the wild and this trait is still within them. This is why meal-time with a dominant dog becomes such an issue for many owners. You have to set a clear boundary when it comes to the family dinner table and show your dog that they are not to approach the table during meal-time. Also, they should be calm and submissive when it comes to their own meal-time even before you begin filling their bowl.

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