One issue that many dog owners struggle with is separation anxiety. Every time they leave the house, even if it is just to take out the trash, their dog suddenly feels isolated, stressed and abandoned. Separation anxiety behaviour such as this poses a serious problem as the pet might begin damaging property or harming itself. In some cases, canine separation anxiety can be so severe that the dog might stop eating altogether, even when their owner is home.

If your dog is suffering from separation anxiety and you are looking for some effective ways to relieve their anxiety, keep reading as the experts at Dog Harmony are going to share some of their favourite tips that will help you do just that.

6 Tips To Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Exercise Your Dog Well Before You Leave- by providing your dog with some healthy exercise before you leave the house, they might become too tired to be either anxious or destructive.

Make Your Departures And Returns Calm And Emotionless- avoid all of the fanfare when you leave the house as this can excite your dog and make him realise that you are leaving. A simple gesture upon leaving and returning home is all that is required.

Practice Your Departure Routine- even if you are not leaving the house, go through your departure routine to familiarise your dog with the process and to show them that everything normal and that they have no reason to become anxious.

Use A “Safe” Cue- reinforce the fact that you will return home by using a “safe” cue such as “I’ll be back” or, “I’ll be home soon”. Use this only on short trips that are within a time period that you your dog can tolerate.

Explore Doggie Daycare- for many dog owners, especially those whose dog’s suffer from separation anxiety, an alternative dog-keeping situation such as a doggie daycare might be a good solution to their needs. Be sure to choose one that has experience dealing with dogs that have separation anxiety.

Hire A Behaviour Professional- if you find that you are unable to relieve your dog’s separation anxiety on your own, consider hiring a dog behaviour specialist who can assess your dog’s behaviour and create a custom tailored solution that can help.

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