Dog Training – Positive Dog Training – Balanced Dog Training – How Confusing!!


Dog Training - Positive Dog Training - Balanced Dog Training - How Confusing!! Anyone researching different dog training methods is likely to feel at least a little overwhelmed by the endless possibilities offered. Dog training, balanced dog training, positive dog training - how confusing it all is! Worry not - this post should help

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Fulfilling a Dog Both Mentally and Physically


Offering sufficient physical and mental stimulation for dogs on a regular, daily basis to help them burn off pent up mental and physical energy is extremely important if you want them to be mentally and physically fulfilled. Fulfilling a dog both mentally and physically in turn is imperative for his overall health and happiness, as

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Biting & Nipping


  Nipping is one of the most frustrating issues to manage when you bring home a puppy or rescue dog. New puppy parents often worry that nipping is an early sign of aggression. If this concerns you, relax! Although very annoying, nipping is completely normal for puppies. They simply need to be taught

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Sibling Dogs: The Worst of Both Worlds


Buying Two Puppies The incidence of owners purchasing "Siblings", either same sex or brother and sister from the same litter or two puppies from different litters and breeds but of similar ages, is now more prevalent than at any other time in living memory. The old professional dog men and owners knew about

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Training Dogs Using Energy


Training Dogs Using Energy Sharing "good energy" or training dogs using energy is not a concept for flower children and earth mothers; it is effective communication with a very different species. Dogs' Incredible Abilities The extent of dogs' ability to "smell" and "sense" things is truly incredible. Scientists have learned that dogs are

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Why Denying Your Dogs Dominance Hurts Both of You


Dominance Theory Does Exist I'm aware of a lot of talk about how dominance doesn't exist in dogs today. I don't agree - I believe the dominance theory does exist and denying your dogs dominance is wrong. Here is why. A Few Words to Begin with... I would like to make it clear

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Urine Marking


Urine Marking Is your dog urinating on your furniture or walls? He’s not “badly house-trained”, he’s urine marking. Here’s why he does it and what you can do about it. Marking their environment with urine is instinctive and normal behaviour for dogs. Most frequently found in male dogs (and especially unneutered ones), it

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Inter-Dog and Human Aggression


Unlike many other, less serious behaviour issues, inter-dog and human aggression can rarely be cured through simple training. While training classes are excellent for obedience, resolving aggression typically requires the help of an experienced expert in canine behaviour. Sudden Attacks Before going into different types of aggression and explaining why you should seek the help

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Killing Dogs with Our Kindness


Some dog behaviourists/trainers believe dogs should be trained using only positive reinforcement. Here is why I don’t agree with this - and why I believe that by adopting this ‘positive only training’ approach, we are in fact killing dogs with our kindness. Operant Conditioning Before going into why I believe positive reinforcement only training, allow

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Cocker Rage Syndrome


Once thought to be an affliction predominantly found in single colour male cockers, cocker rage syndrome (hereafter referred to as CRS) can also affect other breeds. But what exactly is it? Is it even real, or is it mere ‘fiction’? Read on to find out… Cocker Rage Syndrome While most of us have probably heard

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Common German Shepherd Behavioural Problems and Personality Traits


Common German Shepherd Behavioural Problems and Personality Traits Over the years working as a dog trainer, I’ve probably worked with as many German shepherd dogs as any other breed. Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and have really sweet and fun personalities. And so, to those of you who

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Is Bakers and Pedigree Dog Food fit for Purpose?


Is Bakers and Pedigree Dog Food Fit For Purpose? You Decide Bakers and Pedigree Complete Dog Food Are These Top Selling Brands Really Bad? Behavioural Problems: As a dog behaviourist I see many dogs that are showing signs of behavioural abnormalities. Some of those problems can  be caused by what we give the dogs to eat.

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Nervous Owner = Nervous Pet


Nervous Dog? Your Behavior Might Be the Cause What makes a dog nervous? Some dogs are very anxious and nervous, to begin with, while others are nervous due to their owners being stressed and anxious themselves. The environment that a dog is raised in can have a tremendous impact on their behavior and

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