Why Dogs Start Biting


I am often asked by clients is why dogs bite. While this partly depends on individual situations, the most common reasons for dogs to start getting aggressive and bite are dominance and fear. Why Dogs Start Biting I recently received a call from a woman whose dog had bitten a friend in the face. She

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Why Dogs Must Have Exercise


Providing regular exercise is one of the many responsibilities owning a dog brings with it. Here is why dogs must have exercise. Why Dogs Must Have Exercise When dogs are left in the house or back garden, day after day, all day long, they do tend to go a little “mad” and can start displaying

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Adopting Older Dogs


Want a dog but don’t really have the time to deal with the daily needs of a dog – let alone those of a puppy? Today’s hectic lifestyles mean for many of us, adopting older dogs could be the perfect solution… The Problem with Owning a Dog As wonderful and exciting as having a furry

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Dogs and the Fine Art of Discipline


Dogs and the fine art of discipline: Consistent rules, boundaries and discipline are imperative for any leader/follower relationship to function properly. Lack of such rules, boundaries and discipline can all too easily end in chaotic behaviour – and sometimes it takes a dog to let us know what’s wrong… Discipline is a Fine Art Whether

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The RSPCA and the Law – Your Right to Refuse the RSPCA Access


Dr Barry Peachey LLM, LLB(Hons), Ph.D., FCollP, ACIArb, MBAE, FETC Dr Barry Peachey LLM, LLB(Hons), Ph.D., FCollP, ACIArb, MBAE, FETC clears up widely held misconceptions concerning the RSPCA and the law – misconceptions that are indeed actively and publicly fostered by the RSPCA itself. Please note that this article and statements made therein by varying

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Solving Aggression and Leash Reactivity with Obedience Training


While many people swear by “motivational training,” which uses treats in the shape of toys or food (both of which are external to the dog’s handler), we firmly believe that obedience training without rewards is the best approach to solving aggression and leash reactivity. Here is why. Solving Aggression and Leash Reactivity with Obedience Training

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Kibble/Dried Dog Food is Killing Our Dogs!


A healthy, balanced diet is as important for dogs as it is for human beings, especially if we expect them work for us and perform well - and dry dog food is often hailed as a wholesome, healthy alternative to raw food. In reality, however, kibble/dried dog food is killing our dogs… The Importance of

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Harness, the Worst Thing We Can Put on Our Dogs!   


Ever increasing numbers of dog owners stick their dogs into harnesses/no-pull harnesses, mostly in an attempt to stop them pulling on their leash while out walking. This is not a good idea – and sticking a dog that has not been properly trained into one is even worse. Here is why we live by the

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Is it Human Aggression or Scared Behaviour?   


Due to our natural fear around our pets’ primal side, aggressive dog behaviour towards humans (or human aggression) is probably the most misunderstood/misinterpreted of all bad dog behaviours. There are many reasons for dogs to become aggressive, and depending on how it is broken down, there can be over a dozen types of aggression.  In

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How to Help Fearful Dogs


Dogs can become fearful for a whole range of different reasons and dog anxiety is among the most common problems dog owners and behaviourists have to deal with. Once dogs are fearful, they can display an array of symptomatic behaviours including aggression, avoiding, flight, freezing or hiding. The combination of consistent human emotional patterns with

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How to Pick and Then Introduce a New Dog into Your Family


Picking the perfect pet and introducing a new dog into a family can be a challenging undertaking. The simple steps outlined here show how to achieve the best possible match and happiness for all when you pick and introduce a new dog into your family. How to Pick a New Dog Pack unity is highly

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Kids Rules for Dogs


How kids behave around dogs can make all the difference between a joyful, happy encounter for both child and dog or potential disaster with painful consequences, so here are a few kids rules for dogs to ensure the former. Kids Rules for Dogs – the Dos Growing up with dogs around them provides children with

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Demanding Dogs Are a Bit Like Demanding Kids!


Just like demanding kids, pushy and demanding dogs are constantly seeking attention and want what they want when they want it – in a nutshell, they are hard work.  What’s more, if an attention seeking dog gets what he wants whenever he demands something, he is likely to view you as a follower – and

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Pack Leadership Tips


How to be a good pack leader is not a question of using force or raising your voice but of earning your dog’s trust and respect.  Our pack leadership tips are based on the three things required to earn this trust and respect, namely good communication; rules, limitations & boundaries, and physical & mental exercise.

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