Dogs can be overly reactive to any element in their environment. They may growl, lunge and bark as a response to specific triggers. Excessive reactivity may stem from a traumatic experience, a lack of social interaction or their genetic make-up. It can be difficult to handle highly reactive dogs, because they tend to behave inappropriately at home or in public spaces. Attending Dog Harmony’s dog clinics and pack walks can help dogs in many different ways.

4 Reasons Why You Should Attend Dog Harmony’s Dog Clinic & Pack Walk

Set Up A Routine- regular visits to dog clinics and participations in pack walks may help to set up good weekly routines. Dogs expect routines and patterns. When you put on shoes, dogs can become extremely excited because they are expecting to go for a walk. For dogs, dog clinic visits and pack walks make their world more predictable. They know what to expect and they will be less reactive when participating in regular activities. Reactive dogs can be more focused and calmer in scheduled activities that they expect to happen.

Desensitise Them To External Triggers- attending pack walks allow dogs to experience new smells, sounds and sights regularly. Highly reactive dogs should be desensitised to distractions and noises. Eventually, they become calmer in highly crowded streets and they will respond better to communication cues. Mental enrichment and stimulation will make them less reactive to common triggers.

Boost Confidence- a regular routine will not only give structure, but also boost the confidence of your dog. Attending dog clinics and pack walks regularly can be an important part of their routine. Highly reactive dogs can be fearful and unsure about what they see and smell. Dogs often feel safer when they become part of a pack.

Better Socialisation- Dog Harmony’s dog clinics and pack walks expose your dog to different situations, people, and dogs. Weekly visits to dog clinics and pack walks should begin when your dog is still a pup. Pack walk organisers may regularly switch up the route and do new things. Dogs should experience different situations and environments. Fearful and shy pups can handle new things more slowly and they won’t experience over arousal.

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Don’t forget, Dog Harmony’s next Dog Clinic is 26th September, and Pack Walk is 27th September.

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