Stopping Unwanted Dog Behaviour – It’s the Experts Game, Peter Hargreaves Dog Trainer for The A-Game!

We can all agreed that dogs with unwanted behaviors can be annoying. However, if action is not taken to correct the wrong behaviors, then it may as well become a habit and eventually a norm for your dog. That is particularly why you need to enrol your pet dog for professional training; otherwise, both of you might end up having a miserable relationship. I’d say seeing is believing, and in case you want credibility guarantee, get hooked to the Dog Harmony reviews!

With the help of a dog trainer, you should always strive to curb bad behaviors before they develop into something serious. In this article, we will feature the top 5 concepts that can help stop unwanted dog behavior.

  1. Control Environment

Having your dog training in a controlled environment is a basic principle of responsible training. Unfortunately, it is a commonly overlooked concept that often leads to the development of unwanted behavior in the long run. Peter Hargreaves dog trainer gets you to understand how a favorable environment can be maintained!

For example, when teaching basic commands such as sit, down, and come in open ground, you should consider having your dog on a leash. This way, it becomes easy to command attention from your dog and avoid dog behavior from forming. It helps avoid instances where the dog takes off, and you have to wait for it to come back.

  1. Know You Goal

Every time you adopt a dog, you must always have a clear picture of how you want your dog to behave. Have a simple and clear idea and keep it in mind. This way, you will always be focused on what you really want to achieve after every training session.

For example, if your dog is jumpy, the main focus should be on “trying to stop the jumping” and not getting the dog to sit and wait. According to Peter Hargreaves dog trainer, the two may seem related but are quite different. Knowing and understanding your aim is a simple but important concept in stop unwanted dog behavior.

  1. Do Not Work Against Nature

Sometimes dogs get excited about playing with balls, and they might not pay attention as you would like them to. So, you can use the natural flow of things to your advantage. For example, if you need the dog to sit, you can negotiate a deal to sit in exchange for the ball.

Avoid giving him the ball before he obeys the command. You will only be setting him up for failure and bad behavior. Make it a win-win situation for your dog. And that’s something we do for you, still not satisfied, read Dog Harmony reviews and you’ll know exactly how we do it!

  1. Calm Your Dog

Dogs can really get hyper-excited. In such situations, they are out of control and cannot learn anything. You need them to come down by trying the stop, start, change direction routine. Avoid shouting; it will only make them more excited and prone to developing unwanted behaviors.

Also, it would be best if you always remained calm; it helps project calm energy to your dog.

  1. Baby Steps

Dogs are like kids; they take time to learn. Exercise patience and trust the process. Do not try to push your dog to learn many concepts at once. You will only be setting him up for failure and bad habits.

For example, if you told the dog to sit for the first time, do not expect that he will remain seated for more than 10 seconds. Reward the dog a soon as he sits and progressively increase the length of time before you reward him.

You now have the main keys to stopping unwanted dog behavior. All you have to do is follow and pay attention to progress. Avoid rushing things. Also, you can always seek help from a qualified dog trainer to help correct your dog’s bad behaviors. Get in touch with Peter Hargreaves dog trainer and know exactly how a dog’s behavioral issues can be contained.