Residential Dog Training


This is my most popular product which encompasses boarding with elements from all my training packages

Price is £42 per day (minimum of 21 days) – which includes boarding, training and insurance (discount for longer periods).

Does your busy work schedule or lifestyle deprive you of the necessary time to train your dog? Since proper training takes time to achieve the desired outcome, Dog Harmony is here to help and take care of it for you.  

My residential dog training programme involves a 3-week stay during which I will take full responsibility for the training of your dog to the highest standards. Once this period ends, you will come back to a very happy, well-trained and totally obedient pet. 

After-Care Service Once You Take Your Dog Home after Completion

When you return for your dog, my Residential Dog Training Package also provides you with plenty of time to ask questions and practice what you have learnt while under my supervision. 

I can offer helpful tips, prompts and plenty of encouragement. 

You will come away from the course with a greater understanding of what motivates your particular dog or puppy and why they behave in a particular way. This level of understanding will help you to achieve a more secure relationship with your dog based on mutual trust.

Dog Harmony provides dog training in the following areas: Liverpool, Formby, Southport, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Wigan, St Helens, Chorley, Preston and surrounding areas.

My Residential Dog Training Package allows me to work closely with your dog in the correct environment to train him/her to a high standard using my many techniques.

This is a great opportunity to board your dog while you go on holiday – whilst getting the added benefit of your dog getting some dedicated, professional training whilst you’re gone.

The phrase “owning a dog” probably doesn’t do justice to how you view your relationship with your best friend. Your dog or puppy is very much part of your family, and many dog owners compare having a dog to being a parent. You would never allow your child to ‘raise itself’, would you? No, you would instil boundaries and respect within a loving, caring and nurturing family home - this is exactly what you need to do with a dog or puppy.

The older a puppy gets, the more entrenched its behaviour will become. If you don’t put the groundwork in early, it can be very difficult to ‘un-do’ any unwanted patterns of behaviour. Teaching a young puppy to stop barking every time a car drives past is easier than trying to prevent an older dog from doing so, when it has grown up believing this to be acceptable.

Nevertheless, just as a puppy can be taught to modify their behaviour through careful choices of rewards and penalties, so can an older dog: it is never too late to start training your dog , though it may take longer to achieve lasting results with an older dog than with a puppy of under six months.

You might be reading this page because your dog or puppy is displaying some negative behaviours or perhaps you have a young puppy and you want to make sure that he or she does not develop these behaviours in the first place.

Either way, my Residential Dog Training Package would be ideal. By spending a solid block of time with me, I can train your dog or puppy to learn how to behave! I will also spend time with you when you return to collect your dog to teach you how to continue with your dog’s training .

By enrolling with your dog or puppy on one of my Residential Dog Training Packages , you are getting access to my 20+ years of experience in the field of dog training . I have helped countless owners to achieve excellent results with their dogs.

I do not use any methods that involve any kind of force or anything that might harm a dog (physically or psychologically).

I do not use choke chains or prong collars. I use clicker training methods and believe that the best way to train a dog is to reward it for the behaviour you want, rather than punishing it for the behaviour you do not want.

A Residential Dog Training Package is optimal for providing consistent training throughout each day, which I believe is the swiftest route to life-long learning.

How Does It Work?

Apart from the daily training routine, your best friend will enjoy long walks in the open countryside, as well as the chance to socialise with my own dogs.

In preparation for your dog’s return home, I will ask you to attend a two-hour training session with me at the end of the stay so you learn how to use the commands I have taught to your pet.

Taking place outside, the training session is designed to illustrate what I have achieved with your dog, and teach you how to obtain the same level of obedience and good behaviour. You will need to continue the work I have started at home. The training doesn’t stop once you leave, it is for a lifetime. However, with regular practice, it will soon become natural for you and your dog.

Don’t worry about having the bond between you and your dog broken by the 3-week stay with me. Yes, working closely with your companion and having fun together over this period will make us friends, but I will make sure to train him/her in such a way that you and your pet enjoy an even closer relationship than before.

Alternative Options
  1. Two-Week Stay
    People who have already done some training with their dogs themselves but would like to improve upon their work with a little help from a professional can opt for my alternative residential dog training package, which involves a two-week stay.
  2. Advanced Tidying Up Lesson
    If your dog has been successfully trained but you want me to keep an eye on their progress, I can offer a one-hour lesson to consolidate what they have learned.
For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
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Onto a Course Today

I offer my Residential Dog Training Package across the North West for any breed of dog of any age. 

If you enrol on a course, your dog will be taught to:

  • sit 
  • heel
  • come when called 
  • lie down 
  • stay and walk on the lead without pulling.
Obeying these basic commands demonstrates that your dog knows that you are its master and are in control. 

On top of these commands, your course will be tailored to your particular dog or puppy – for instance, if jumping up or social skills are problematic, these can be addressed throughout your course.
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