Every morning your alarm clock rings; it is a workday that often starts with a morning jog, a bath, breakfast, and goodbye to your dog; only that the goodbye spells concern and loneliness for both of you. Well, some dogs are fond of staying alone at home for a few hours. However, more often, you know they become bored, frustrated, destructive, or even anxious.

To avoid all these negative energies for your dog, we, at Dog Harmony reviews have lined up the top five ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated when you are away. Remember, a busy dog is a happy dog, and mental stimulation is one of the many ways to reduce dog anxiety and tire them.

  • Get Puzzle Toys

Dogs are food-motivated. I mean, it is the reason why you have to use treats to train them. In that case, you can puzzle treat-dispensing toys. For instance, you can use sticky and smelly treats such as dogs’ peanut butter.

It will keep the dog occupied for an hour as he/she tries to lick the butter off the toy. Alternatively, you can use brainteasing toys. They are increasingly becoming popular and have proven to be effective in promoting dogs’ cognitive functions. Even though the game will only last for a few minutes, it will be enough to tire them out.

  • Dog Sniffing

Years of experience, Peter Hargreaves dog trainer mentions that dogs are natural-born sniffers. In fact, they enjoy the sniffing game. You can use this to keep your dog occupied. Play the “Hide and Seek” with your dog. Chop some small pieces of meat, or find smelly and tasty treats and hide them around the house before you leave.

The dog will spend hours sniffing around the house for treats, and even after she/he has found every bit of it, he will still be sniffing around for more. Start it easy and make the game difficult as time goes by. Read the Dog Harmony reviews and learn how we’ve done it for hundreds of dogs!

  • Get A Partner

Dogs are naturally social animals; that is why they have been humans’ best friends for centuries. Instead of leaving your dog alone at home, you could get her/him a playing mate, say a friend or a neighbour who leaves her/his dog at home too.

This way, your dog will have found a companion/ playmate to help push through the day. The idea is to alleviate loneliness and reduce territorial aggression.

  • Wrap A Toy

Using a bedsheet, wrap a squeaky toy. Wrap it hard so as it makes a short high-pitched sound. This way, the dog will know there is something, and out of curiosity, he/she will spend hours trying to figure it out and eventually will be rewarded by a noisy toy that will keep him/her entertained. Ensure that the toy is hardy so that your dog does not succumb to choking. Also, ensure the wraps are large; it will help buy some time.

  • Keep Your Home Open

Like cats, dogs are naturally curious, and keeping them in the open room is one of the best ways to enhance social behaviour and eliminate anxiety and loneliness. Keeping your dog in the dark will only increase anxiety levels. Therefore, you should consider opening up windows and drawing curtains. This way, the dog can familiarize with the environment. Also, you can use soothing background music to calm anxiety. This isn’t something new, but a tried and tested method you may find across many Dog Harmony reviews.


There they are! You can now keep your dog mentally stimulated using the tips above. However, if your pet dog suffers from separation anxiety, then the methods may not work as intended. In such a case, we recommend that you seek help from a dog expert and enroll your dog for a behaviour training session.