Like we established in our previous posts, dog training is an imperative engagement for dog owners, and finding the right trainer is at the core of achieving positive results. Another thing: it is critical that you know whether you need a dog trainer or a dog behaviourist. One more thing before we proceed, you should always look for reviews like the ones you should find at Dog Harmony reviews!

Well, the two may sound quite the same, but they are utterly different. Equally, finding a great dog trainer or behaviourist is an uphill task. Therefore, in this article, we have lined up a few tips that will help find a good dog behaviourist or trainer. But first, let us differentiate between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist. Ahan! Peter Hargreaves dog trainer is a combo of both!

  • Who Is A Dog Trainer?

He/she is a professional dog handler that helps your fix obedience-related problems with your dog.

  • Who Is A Dog Behaviourist?

He/she is a professional that helps identify and fix dog behavioural issues that go beyond obedience and are often deep-rooted to emotional or psychological shortcomings, e.g., separation anxiety,

  • Warning Signs for Incompetent Dog Behaviourist/Trainers

So, what are some of the red flags that should tell that your dog behaviourist prospect is a “fake.” Well, let’s see!

  1. Suspicious phrases: Phrases such and “pack leader” and the idea of dominance as a solution for all dogs’ obedience problems should raise eyebrows. Studies have debunked the park and dominance theory considering that different dog behavioural problems result from diverse underlying issues. Therefore, if your trainer is encouraging this kind of technique, it only goes to show that he is ignorant. This is impossible with Peter Hargreaves dog trainer!
  2. Punishment-based training: Using choking and electric shock techniques is an old-fashioned way of solving dog behavioural problems and has only proven to make the problems worse. Anything inhumane is highly discouraged. Go for a positive reinforcement-oriented trainer.
  3. References: If your prospect has no references, that should raise a red flag. Perform due diligence and establish if he is a new trainer or just evading references due to previous negative encounters with clients. You wont find any such issues with us, and for the reviews, Dog Harmony reviews would be enough to satisfy you1
  4. Lack of interest: Great dog behaviourist/trainers love dogs. In fact, they will make an effort to establish your dog’s history. It is the only way to find a remedy for your dog’s issue. Otherwise, any uninterested prospect should be assumed to be neglective.


  • Interview Evaluation Questions for Dog Behaviourist/Trainers

Here a few questions that you should as a dog trainer before hiring him/her.

  • How do you correct misbehaviour?

Pay attention to the response. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement is the most recommended training method, and punishment is equally discouraged.

  • Do you have references?

A great dog behaviourist should at least a track record. If they are up for the task, they will always be happy to provide you with creditable customer experience references.

  • Do you have insurance?

All true dog trainers/ behaviourist should have an active insurance cover.

  • Do you use rewards?

The answer should always be a YES; it is part of positive reinforcement. IF he/she says NO, we recommend that you look somewhere else.

Find this helpful? Don’t forget to weigh Peter Hargreaves dog trainer too! Before hiring a dog behaviourist/trainer, make it your job to find out more about the prospect in question. Otherwise, you could end up with a worse dog and at the same time lose your money and time. Stay woke and be on the watch for “Incompetent dog behaviourist.”