Kid and pets, especially pet dogs, can be a natural match for your kid if you do it right. In fact, your kids have so much to gain from the relationship; social skills and physical activity. It also helps instil important life skills and personal traits such as empathy and responsibility. To reap from the relationship, you must help cultivate a solid and healthy bond between your kids your new dog and here are some ground rules that will help your kids’ bond with your new member of the family.

The Do’s

  1. Actively supervise interaction: You should not leave your new dog with your kids alone. It is crucial that you closely monitor their interaction; watch out for body language to ensure that they are both (Kids and the dog) free from stress.
  2. Teach your kids how to handle the dog. The handling should be gentle- it will help create a friendly relationship.
  3. Use rewards: Kids and pets love bribes. If your dog allows your kids to pet it, you should reward it and do the same for your kids for petting the new dog. It will help build a friendly environment for the two.
  4. Ensure a private space and time for each: Sometimes, dogs need to reset and relax. Let your kid understand that every time is not petting time- they have to let the dog recharge and enjoy being alone for a while.

The Don’t

  1. Do not ask kids to discipline the dog: Most likely, they will result in punitive measures like physical punishment. This will only instil fear and will instead drive the dog away from your kids. Always intervene if your dog acts up.
  2. Do not rush it: Let the bounding happen at its own pace. Allow it to be natural.