There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs and they can all vary in size, temperament, appearance and other physical and social characteristics. To understand your dog better and be able to provide the care he needs, we need to understand the individual traits of each specific breed. Some dog breeds are better pets than others, while others are easier to train because they are more intelligent. This makes choosing a dog just as important as choosing the dog training London  pet owners depend on most that much more important.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the best dog breeds when it comes to being well-mannered and easiest to train. Let’s get started:

Top 4 Easiest To Train Dog Breeds

Dachshunds- don’t be deceived but there small appearance, dachshunds are a great watch dog and they are very easy to train. Although they may not be able to knock down strangers, their aggression and persistence could alert pet owners about an uninvited guest. Dachshunds are also great toy dogs, because they love to chase anything that moves.

Yorkshire Terrier- dog training London experts agree that of all of the popular dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers are among the easiest to work with. Yorkies are small in size, but make up for it with their big personalities. Yorkshire Terriers are very smart and independent, but they still need daily attention.

Labrador Retriever- Labrador Retrievers are very friendly, intelligent medium-sized dogs and are one of the most popular breeds of dog for families. Even younger children can make friends with Labradors easily. Labrador Retrievers are easy to train and can even be used as an excellent hunting companion.

German Shepherds- if you are considering purchasing a German Shepherd, look for the best dog training London has available and be sure to have him properly trained. German Shepherds are known for their strength and intelligence which makes them a great family pet.

By choosing the dog training London pet owners depend on, you can be sure that whatever dog breed you choose, you will have a very worthy companion.

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