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How to use a Clicker for Dog Training

By June 16, 2017Dog Training
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How To Use a Clicker for Dog Training

When is Clicker Training most useful for dog training?

Clicker training is extremely useful for teaching new behaviours and refining known behaviours. Clickers can be valuable communication tools in modifying reactive or aggressive dog behaviours.

The Clicker is an Event Marker.

This means that its use, or lack there of, teaches the dog to recognise the difference between good and bad behaviour.

Advantages of Clicker Dog Training

Clicker training is a very easy and fun way to train dogs with positive methods.

  1. Reinforce confidence: knowing how to please their human makes the dog confident, and a confident dog is a happy dog.
  2. Enjoy the process: your dog will get clicks and treats and you will get an obedient and happy pet.
  3. Strengthen your bond: your dog will learn to trust you and this will expand to situations outside dog training sessions.
  4. It’s time efficient: with short but frequent training sessions, you can get an obedience competition champion.
  5. Create a structure: teaching your dog boundaries is necessary and recommended. It can be easily done with clicker training.

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