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Susan Freidman March 2018

My partner and I own 2 dogs. We have a beautiful Doberman bitch called Bella who at the age of six seemed to just exist, she didn't seem to enjoy walks and just walked along with us and at home she would just sleep, so we both decided to get her a friend for company and to bring her back out of herself. Along came our second dog, a stunning Doberman puppy (dog) called Ian which changed everything. His behaviour soon developed into a very stressful situation for us.

Both dogs began to take over our lives, we were suddenly confined to the house due to uncontrollable walks. Both dogs would pull so badly that no harness or Halti collar would help. Ian then started to bark at other dogs and as he got older he even started to see them off. Initially we contacted another dog trainer who told us (at the age of six months) to have him castrated, little did we know at the time that this was very bad advice.

The other trainer also told us to yank him back when he pulled, which made him worse and actually resulted in Ian learning to bounce back and forward like a kangaroo. This worsening of his behaviour made us both feel very stressed as walking had gone from bad to worse, so bad the nightmare was starting to affect our relationship.

Then one day we bumped into a lady whose dog was so well behaved, she told us all about Peter at Dog Harmony. We got in touch immediately and soon realised through Peters advice that we had actually been doing everything wrong including their food, sleeping and rest locations and the behaviour we were accepting around the house, all of which was having a knock on effect on how they were behaving on a walk.

We immediately embarked on Peters new training programme and after investing time and effort their behaviour began to transform into an amazing result. Several months on and both of our beautiful Dobermans now respond to commands and walk nicely on loose leads and all achieved without treats or physical contact.

As seen in the video I now have complete control whilst out walking and we are now enjoying life with our two lovely dogs. I recommend Peter to help with any dog situation, he has certainly changed our lives and for that we are truly grateful.

Susan & Gary
Crosby, Liverpool

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John & Lisa Leach Manchester 2018

Following several aggressive episodes aimed at me from my 2yo male Doberman it was make or brake time with. Despite previous experience of the breed I was struggling with Rufus’s very aggressive attitude toward me in quite random situations. Once Peter assessed our relationship with our dog it was as usually the case it was a matter of us changing our attitude to Rufus, as he’s from a working kennels and “wired differently” we had to change our approach. It’s now several weeks since we saw Peter and I must say there is a massive difference in Rufus Andy our relationship has improved 100%. The trust between Rufus and I is steadily growing, he respects me more and his obedience toward both me and my wife has increased dramatically, all down to instructions from Peter.
If you are experiencing problems with your dog Peter will sort it.

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Stevie Jonson

Peter is one of those people who you immediately realise he knows what he is talking about, Our very own Dog Whisperer!
Peter gets straight to the problem and doesn’t mess about, when you listen and do your homework then the results are amazing! I have recommended Peter to many people and none of them have been disappointed, if you want results then go to Peter!My own troublesome German Shepherd is a different dog now and we enjoy each others company rather than the "conflict" we were in
Stevie Jonson
Liverpool Jan 2018

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Sara and Thomas Widstein, Liverpool 2018

“Peter is remarkable in his understanding of our canine friends. So much so I have found myself ‘thinking outside the box’ following his tutoring. One thing I have learned from Peter is that dogs learn by association. So, you have a problem with your dog, whether it is separation anxiety, barking, fear aggression, all of which our Lakeland Terrier Eddie was experiencing, distract the bad experience and substitute with a good experience. It takes some self-studying of your dog, but if you can spend the time and try and see it from your dog’s side, you will be some way to understanding the problem and engineer a solution.
All this said Peter was brilliant with Eddie and within twenty minutes/half an hour of him being invited into our home, with Eddie constantly barking, Eddie was quite happy lying at Peter’s feet just looking around and letting us speak to him without any interruption. Totally relaxed!
This might be a lengthy testimonial, but I could go on, however, to cut a long story short Peter knows his stuff and he has certainly helped us with Eddie and I can’t thank him enough. It is work in progress but made easier with Peter’s help. And by that, I mean constant help as he is always at the end of the phone, always willing to give advice and assistance.
Peter said the changes would happen in 14 days, in fact, it was 10 days. It made our Christmas much happier
Thanks, Peter!”

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Mark Stool, Southport, December 2017

Excellent training for both my dog and I. I had an absolute nightmare of a pug dog. In fact, I was seeking to rehome. Snapping, biting, barking, weeing..... you name it Buggy did it!

Work still in progress but no more stress, no more complaints and I love my dog again. Do not do what I did and hope it would go got worse

Peter...again. Thank You

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Aleksandar Marić

Peter is not only a dog behaviour expert, but also a people expert! He is very sensitive in recognising that it’s the behaviour of the owners that can influence that of the dog, and with some common sense modifications, everyone is much happier. He identified that this were some basic changes we could make to what had become our way of life with the dogs that would also help to address the bigger problem – in our case, excessive barking by one of our two working cockers when first in the car, and when the car is approached by othiss. He introduced techniques that have helped not only with the main issue but also have made both dogs much calmer in the house. We have made great strides, all thank to Peter’s calming, understanding and professional advice and it’s very reassuring to know that we can maintain contact after his visits. We are delighted to recommend him.

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Lee Mcclenaghan

Recently had my working Cocker Spainel in for training as he was hyper, restless and boisterous.
After full training I've been shown how to use his nose by doing scent work, he's alot calmer around the house and he is now a pleasure and joy to own.

Lee from Ormskirk, Lancashire.

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Mario Breljak

When I contacted Peter about our puppy Bentley, we were on the verge of returning him to his breeder. Bad experiences with another trainer had made him scared and display some fear-based aggression. We followed Peter's advice for 3 weeks, which was based on positive experiences. It has transformed Bentley from nervous and potentially aggressive to confident and happy! I can't thank Peter enough for helping us through a difficult time and ultimately making Bentley the puppy we all knew he could be.

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Jackie Mechan
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Candie G

Despite all our efforts with puppy socialisation, initial training and obedience classes, we were having some difficulties with our 12 month old working cocker, Murphy. His behaviour was starting to stress us out, to the point where I was regularly in tears, and we were seriously considering rehoming him. He didn't walk well on the lead - he would pull quite a lot, and his recall was very hit and miss - more miss than hit! He chased bikes and runners on the canal towpath where I walk him, and he jumped up at other walkers as they passed by. He couldnt settle down very well indoors - always at the door wanting to go out, hyped up, digging the garden, chasing the cats, on the go all the time, and usually doing something naughty. He chewed things constantly - not just his toys - he chewed the coffee table, corners of skirting boards, drawer handles, and edges of rugs. He chewed and pulled the stuffing out of the sofa and cushions, plus anything else he could get his paws on. Also, he didn't seem to like being stroked or made a fuss of - he was very mouthy if you tried to stroke him and he would back away.

Rather than rehoming him straight away, we decided to look for some help on line. I found out that some dog trainers offer 'residential' dog training, and the idea of someone taking him away for a bit was very appealing! That's when I came across Dog Harmony. I'd looked at quite a few websites, but I liked the fact that Dog Harmony used positive training methods, and I got a sense from the information provided on the website that Peter, the trainer, knew what he was talking about, so I decided to email him. I got a phone call back from Peter the same day and we chatted about the problems we were having. We decided that a 'residential' stay with Peter was the best option and we were able to arrange that for the following week.

Our dog stayed with Peter for 3 weeks, and during that time Peter worked with him to correct any unwanted behaviours, and taught him activities that stimulated him more mentally, and fulfilled his desire to 'work' (him being a working breed of dog). For our dog this involved 'scenting' activities. Nothing too onerous for us, as his handlers, to learn to do with him ourselves. The activities can be incorporated into a walk out, or easily done in the garden. During the 3 weeks, Peter sent us regular messsge updates, videos and pictures, so we could see how things were going. Peter totally gets dog psychology and their different behaviours, and his knowledge of 'what to do' with our dog to keep him happy and content, has transformed him.

We've had Murphy back home for two weeks now, and I'd say it's like he's grown up. He's found his manners, knows who's boss and respects us for being that. As a result he's happier, more relaxed, contented, and loving. I can now stroke and tickle him and have fun with him. The chewing has stopped, and he will lie down calm and relaxed in the house when around us all. Sometimes he gets a little giddy still, but then we take him to his bed/kennel area in the house for 'time out', and after that he will be calmer again. I feel more confident handling him now out on walks - Peter taught him to recall to a whistle, which is much better than me previously shouting his name over and over to get him to come back. He doesn't recall 100% of the time, but it's much better than it was, and I know it's something I can continue working on with him. Similarly, he also walks much better on the lead - he does still pull from time to time, but I'm confident now in using the various techniques Peter has shown me so I can continue lead training myself, and Peter is only a phone call away should I need help with anything.

In summary... if you, like we were, are having any problems with your dog, don't hesitate in contacting Peter and having a chat with him. I'm so glad I did.

Sincere thanks Peter from John and myself, and of course from Murphy. We will definitely keep in touch, and hopefully bring Murphy for a visit next time we are away on holiday.

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Cerdic Wills

We can not recommend Peter, Bonding with Dogs highly enough, he has been inspirational! He came to us in December 2012 after we had experienced unpredictable dog to dog aggression problem with a 3 year old white German Shepherd/Retriever male we has taken as a 're-home' in August 2012. Peter's approach is always positive, firm and yet kind - he is able to deal sympathetically and realistically with dogs and owners alike without ever being negative. Every dog/owner situation is different and Peter has the experience and ability to point to the best way forward. Never a quick fix, but if you are prepared to a take his advice and show determination and perseverance things can be resolved. We have learned a huge amount, our dog has benefited enormously and things are now coming together - before too long we will have two perfectly behaved dogs! It takes time and we could not have done it without Peter's help! Thanks Peter-reassuring to know that you are never more than a phone call or email away.

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Hellen Nathan

Having had weimaraners all my adult life when I was contacted to take on a rescue I was excited. What I brought home wasn't anything I had encountered before. Rupert was 6 and had never been socialised and had very limited contact with the outside world. He had never had any training so in essence we were working with a feral dog who behaved outrageously. I thought with love and consistency we could settle him. My local vet advised me to put him to sleep that he was a lost cause. Thankfully I never took that advice and subsequently changed vets. I looked around the local area and found Peter. We worked a lot with Peter and I continued on that work on a day to day basis. Rupert is now a well mannered dog who responds well to praise and love. He truly is a completely different animal to the one I collected last year. Rupert now walks with other dogs and wags his tail lots. He will always be a stress head about certain things but I know how to recognise them now and can distract appropriately. Peter in essence saved my dog. I felt sure I had the foundations to get him to a good place but with Peter's guidance, encouragement and the confidence he gave me Rupert is now a remarkably loving well adjusted dog. Rupert lives with Peter when we are on holiday. I don't worry about him in the slightest. He is in the safest of hands. Hellen Nathan, Formby.

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andy sharrock

peter has literally changed my life,in one week my dog is 100% a different dog,i cant recommend him highly enough and he is such a great people person,whatever you pay believe me its worth ten times that

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julie senior

Peter from dog harmony was our saviour when our basset hound be and too much too handle and we didn't know where to turn. He worked with us and the dog to gain a better understanding of the dog and how to control his behaviour. We are eternally grateful. When we needed to go away for a few days we knew Peter would look after hotdog properly. Hotdog had a great time lots of walks well fed and totally at ease. Peter kept contact with us while we were away with doggy updates and videos to ease our minds. I would reccomend Peter and dog harmony to anyone. Great training and fantastic dog care. I would never use anyone else. Satisfied customer liverpool

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Guardian Angels

This is our really well behaved (NOW ) office dog after his training with with Peter - Brilliant thats all I can say

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Mike Skinsley

We had five training sessions booked for Busby our beagle pup with Peter from Dog Harmony and we were quite nervous having read that beagles are notoriously hard to train! However we needn’t have worried as he taught all of us, husband, 3 children & I, how to understand the mindset of our new four-legged family member which helped enormously. It is rather that the owner needs training, perhaps more so than the dog! His knowledge, patience & commitment know no bounds and we found his lessons more than generous as we often ran over due to discussion or a little extra one-to-one to ensure we got it right. His setting is superb with acres of space for outdoor recall training and the safety of an enclosed area for the not so attentive dog. He has a field for the more than frequent wet days which is much better than a shiny village hall floor. Peter believes in just getting out there and doing it!! Aside from this the views are stunning from the Beacon!

We also know that we can count on Peter should we ever need further advice in the future. A lovely man.

M. Skinsley


September 2017

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Vicky Murtagh

In just three sessions both me and my dog went from hyper alert and nervous on our walks to cool calm and collected, thanks to Peter's no nonsense common sense approach. A revelation!

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Jenny Croucher

I adopted Poppy from a local rescue centre about 18 months ago.She was extremely insecure when she came to me but we were making slow progress when I had to go away for three weeks. With hindsight I made a big mistake in boarding her with a family for my holidays. She did not know the people concerned and her level of insecurity was much higher than I knew. Disaster struck when she ended up biting one of the adults and of course she had to be returned to the rescue where she stayed until I got home.
Now who wants to know about a dog that has bitten someone? Only one person offered to help and that was Peter. He agreed to meet her and saw in her many of the good things that I saw. He understood much more about her and her behaviour than I did and was able to explain possible reasons for her sometimes bad behaviour. We had several training sessions and the difference in her was amazing. Under Peter's care she became less reactive and better behaved. He taught me how to exercise her brain as well as her body. He then did what I would never have believed possible and agreed to have her board with him when I went away. He phoned me on the first morning to let me know that she was fine with his family and had even played in the garden with his dog. What a transformation. She has been to stay with him several times since and the last time I went to collect her I got the distinct impression that she would have been happy to stay longer!
I cannot praise Peter highly enough for the work he has done with both me and Poppy. She is doing well but I still have some way to go! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He obviously cares very deeply about what he does and gives 100% commitment. He is always available for advice and support and I trust him completely.


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David LeMarinel

I recently had a group of one to one sessions for my German shepherd. He was aggressive to other dogs and a complete nightmare in the home. In fact it was that bad I was considering becoming him. After the very first session I was given a lot more confidence in my dog. Within justc4 days the pulling was gone and the walks much less stressful. With a lot of changes in the home my digs behaviour has improved a lot. If you have a problem dog call peter at dogharmony
Dave Marsh

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Gary Barker

Peter has shown me how to interact with my puppy in a way that is enjoyable for me and Mylo. Understanding what my dog needs is making him contented, happy and a really good companion.

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Stan came to us following the sad loss of our daughter . Aged 5 years he was difficult to walk, hated other dogs, was nervous around people and choosy about food. Peter has managed over a couple of weeks to educate us and ensure Stan is now the dog he should be. He no longer pulls when walking, he is much better with other dogs out and about, and people (work in progress), he is more relaxed at home, where boundaries are much clearer, and it is now far more enjoyable when out walking. Peter is an excellent communicator and is very clear about what will work and why, and instills confidence in us as owners when we are unsure at times. After two brief weeks of Peter's input Stan is a different dog...we have actually been able to take him to the groomers! Support through the process has been constant and very welcome....the training continues!

Many thanks Peter ! Mark and Sheila.

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Chelsy Lowe

We cannot recommend Peter from Dog Harmony highly enough after just four sessions the change in my dog is inspirational. Peter came to us in August 2017 after dog to dog aggression problems with a 2 year old German Shepherd. Peters approach is always positive, firm and yet kind, he is able to deal sympathetically yet realistically with dogs and owners alike without ever being negative . Every dog/owner situation is different and Peter has the experience and ability to point the best way forward. If you take his advice there will be a difference in your dog in a short time. I learned a great deal and things are coming together. It takes time but to get a great start I would strongly suggest calling Peter at Dog Harmony

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Steven Handley

Peter has been brilliant throughout. We had previously tried residential training with another trainer and was unsuccessful. This made us anxious to try again but with Peter we immediately felt at ease. He kept us update throughout and was always at the end of the phone to help us with any queries. He has changed our lives. Our dog is a thousand times better and seems much happier for it. I can’t speak highly enough of this guy.

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Chris Harland

Peter has been brilliant for us and Nero, our Black lab puppy. Nero first saw Peter at about 10 weeks old and he taught him a number of retrieving and scenting skills to keep him entertained and challenged. We then had a long walk at Formby to introduce Nero to walking on and off the lead and socialising with other dogs. Most importantly Peter has taught us how to understand Nero, which has made training him as a family dog all the more rewarding. A few months on, Peter regularly takes Nero on long walks, often at short notice when we can't, with other dogs and always gives us feedback on how he is doing. Nero is always happy to see him and we know we made the right choice with Peter and Dog harmony.

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Stacey Bennett

Very professional, very attentive, worth every penny after only two sessions!! I have seen a massive difference in my dog. So happy

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Mike Ryan

We contacted Peter when our 3 year old German Shepherd dog, Zeus started to wreck the house when left alone after the Xmas period after I had been at home for three weeks with him. The damage he did was terrible, trying to get out of doors and windows. We decided to crate him when we were out, but then the poor dog got so stressed, we came home to pools of blood on the floor from his paws and mouth where he had tried (and succeeded) to rip the crate apart. Luckily my husband could take Zeus with him each day in his van and we tried to make sure one of us was always at home, which was making us both as stressed as Zeus! We arranged a meeting with Peter who gave us both the advice and information to help poor Zeus and now after just six weeks, what a changed dog. We did follow Peter’s advice to the ‘T’ to make sure Zeus got the best chance to get over his separation anxiety. Thank you Peter for all your advice and information, we can now leave Zeus when we want to go out at weekends and from next week we are going to start leaving him during the day again, for one day each week, building up to the five working days, going back to family and professional dog walkers coming in each lunch time to walk him. We cannot believe the change in Zeus in just four sessions, a much happier dog altogether, happy in his own company and not getting stressed every time we leave the room or try to leave the house. We would both recommend Peter to anyone with ‘dog behaviour problems’. He is a gentleman and you can see how much he loves dogs and wants to be able to help them. Thank you Peter!



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Yvonne Disley

Peter will teach you the best methods to train your dog and he will help you ‘get into your dogs mind’ and see things from your puppy/dog’s point of view. His enthusiasm and passion for dogs, dog training and doggy behaviour shine through at all times.”

Y Disley

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Kate Lawless

I can not recommend Peter enough. I rescued a 6 month old German Shepherd cross Lab and after seeing other trainers and listening to various advice I contacted Peter, after only a few days Buddy had calmed down and was a lot more content and relaxed even sleeping in in the morning. I have learnt how a dogs brain actually works and what he enjoys. I now have a much happier dog and feel comfortable to have him off the lead and to play with other dogs.
I know I can count on Peter should I need any future advice.

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Steve Clarke

Peter is an excellent trainer who has taken our anti-social little man Jasper and worked wonders with him, we have every confidence in Peters training methods and would recommend his skills to all. We have also used Peter for holiday minding and have felt safe in doing so and J seems to enjoy the break as well.

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Jo Parks

I couldn’t recommend Peter Hargreaves more highly as he truly understands dogs
Minnie“I have a very mischievous Jack Russell puppy called Minnie and “did the right thing” and went to puppy classes!!! Well after many weeks and being taught to pin her to the floor to make her stay down I started to think there must be a better way!! All I succeeded in doing was making her aggressive. Then I heard about Peter from a friend who had used him in the past!!!!!

After an amazing one to one with him, I started to truly understand my puppy!! She is transformed!! I then had a problem with a friend’s dog who used to come and visit and would snap at Minnie!! (The dogs had to be kept in separate rooms to avoid fights) Within 48 hours here is the picture of them together!! They’ve gone on to play and chase each other around the garden. I am looking forward to the next step in our journey by joining the follow-on puppy classes!! It is so nice to get your dog to behave the right way because they know they get rewarded for good behaviour rather than being scared of you for getting it wrong!!!!! I couldn’t recommend Peter Hargreaves more highly as he truly understands dogs!!! (Apparently, the same technique works on children and husbands too!!!!!!)”

Jo and Minnie, Birkdale, Southport, Nr Liverpool

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Debbie James, Liverpool, 2017
with Dexter, the Dalmatian

I have a 18 month old dalmatian and have been taking him to dog training with Peter since he was 6 months old. I am so impressed with his method of training. Peter is very patient and not only gives you tasks to take home and try out with your dog but also explains the reasoning behind the exercises. There really is method in the madness.

I have applied his method to my mad dalmatian, and if he can become better behaved, I'm sure any dog would benefit from some form of training with Peter.

His prices are reasonable and he is very friendly and approachable.

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Sue, Preston, 2017
with Meg, the Border Collie

My sheepdog is wonderful with people and children but can be unpredictable with other dogs. Peter has a wonderful calming influence on dog and owner alike and during our one to one sessions has introduced good common-sense strategies for me to use with Meg when approaching other dogs. These structured sessions take place in a safe environment usually outside which is non-threatening for Meg and gives her the space she needs to assess a 'stranger' dog without any confrontation. Peter has highlighted ways in which my behaviour needs to change to give Meg the direction and confidence she needs and I thoroughly recommend his techniques to anyone experiencing stress or anxiety over their dog's behaviour. His creed is simple - lets help our dogs to BE dogs!

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Paul and Jacqui Daniell, Wigan, 2017
with Peggy the Labrador x Huntaway

Our dog Peggy was 8 months old when we first approached Peter. We had been having problems with her general control and not having had a dog from a young age before were at a loss what to do. Peter’s understanding of the situation and his teaching us how to teach Peggy was invaluable.

Peter is extremely knowledgeable. He is patient with owners and dedicated to helping them enjoy their dogs. I find myself explaining to others how a dog's mind works! We have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone wishing to get the very best from their dog.

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Pete & Abi Evans, Formby, 2017
with Betty, the Welsh Terrier

We have had such fun at Peter's brain training and agility class. Not only did Betty absolutely love it, but we also enjoyed the sessions too! Having a Welsh Terrier can be a challenge sometimes due to their stubborn and independent nature, but following training we now understand her a lot more, have more control and have overcome a number of our challenges such as livestock and cyclists. The agility element was also a huge hit, and will be back to improve our seesaw skills!

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Roz and John Matty, Skelmersdale, 2017
with Ben, the Springador

We first met Peter when we took our 5 month old springador pup, Ben, to puppy training classes. We hadn’t any idea what to expect, knowing what a boisterous, loveable rogue Ben was, but nothing fazed Peter, despite Ben’s enthusiastic approach to learning, which consisted of wanting to play with all the other dogs in the class and to distract them from the business in hand! Peter has a very individual approach to each dog in his class, and that includes the owners, for whom he is an invaluable and patient resource. We subsequently took Ben to brain training classes, where he continued to disrupt the proceedings in his own inimitable style, so we then had several one to one sessions with Peter which were brilliant, and extremely helpful. Ben is now 21 months old, and he is a much loved, mostly well behaved dog who doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. We know that Peter is always available should we need him, and we are immensely grateful to him for all the help, advice and support which he has given us – and Ben of course!

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Rachel Holliday, Ormskirk, 2017
with Finn, the Standard Schnauzer and Duke, the Staffie x Boxer

I have had dogs all my life so thought I was pretty dog savvy until I started to talk to Peter. Whilst I wasn't ever harsh with my dogs, I did rely on traditional techniques to train. Once I started to explore what Peter was teaching, using food based rewards, lots of things changed for me and my dogs with them became more confident and happy. Learning new techniques can be difficult but Peter was always there to give great advice and support whenever I needed it. If one thing wasn't working, he would come up with a new plan. He never made me feel stupid or guilty for asking questions. He is extremely approachable and his depth of knowledge is second to none. The passion and kindness he has for dogs shines through and I feel so lucky that I have been able to learn from him.

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Nicky Sullivan, St Helens, 2017
with Saffy, the Springer Spaniel

I took my Springer Pup, Saffy, to Peter's puppy training classes when she was 4 months old. The classes are small, friendly and informal. The small class size is great as it allows Peter to spend time with each dog if needed, (and Saffy and I needed it!). Peter was invaluable in helping solve some niggling house training problems, and showing us how to deal with other issues. Most importantly, Saffy adored going, as soon as we turned off the main road to the farm she became happy and excited, she definitely knew where we were going!

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Carole and Chris Gledhill, Southport, 2017
with Brodie, the Bearded Collie

Through participating in Peter's excellent Brain Training sessions, Brodie our 18 month old Bearded Collie has learned a great deal of self-control and lots of fun games, tricks and moves. As owners we have learned to be much more calm in our approach and have gained a much greater understanding of how a dog’s mind ticks and it is a joy to see him learn something new. The session flies by and we try hard to practice the moves at home to show off some progress the following week! We also benefitted hugely from a 1:1 session with Peter as Brodie wanted to chase after sheep and we are so pleased to now take him through a field of sheep off the lead with him by our side after following his simple guidelines. Everything is FUN for the dog and fun for owners too – we’ve had a lot of laughs!
Thank you Peter.

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Sara-Jane, Russell, Tom, Alice, and Ethan Gardiner, Wigan, 2017
with Busby, the Beagle

We took Busby our beagle pup to Peter's classes and we were quite nervous having read that beagles are notoriously hard to train! However we needn’t have worried as he taught all of us, husband, 3 children & I, how to understand the mindset of our new four-legged family member which helped enormously. It is rather that the owner needs training, perhaps more so than the dog! His knowledge, patience & commitment know no bounds and we found his lessons more than generous as we often ran over due to discussion or a little extra one-to-one to ensure we got it right. His setting is superb with acres of space for outdoor recall training and the safety of an enclosed area for the not so attentive dog. He has a barn for the more than frequent wet days which is much better than a shiny village hall floor. Aside from this the views are stunning!
We also know that we can count on Peter should we ever need further advice in the future. A lovely man.

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Gill Parsons and John Abraham, Liverpool, 2017
with Derek and Lily - crosses of indeterminate heritage!

In an impetuous moment we took on 2 rescue dogs at the same time. The dogs had not met before and we knew nothing about them. I still ask myself was this impetuous or just plain stupid! One of the dogs has clearly been subject to abusive and unkind handling and her relationship with the other dog was making his and our lives miserable and fraught. At different times we had thought that one or the other would have to be 'put down' either because of the impact of their relationship or their sheep chasing tendencies. It was by chance that we learnt about Peter and with his help and guidance we have managed to improve all of our lives beyond recognition. I write this as the dogs are playing together at my feet: something I never thought would happen. We will be eternally grateful to Peter for his expertise, generosity and unstinting support in enabling us to make unbelievable progress.