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What Do You Need To know About Dog Boarding?

By May 22, 2017Dog Boarding

What You Need To know About Dog Boarding?

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You should know that people who offer dog boarding should be licensed with the local authority. It is very important that you only use parties which are registered as these will have been checked by the local animal welfare officer to have been given a licence.

There are many dog boarding places/homes ran by people who have no qualifications or insurance to do so. Perhaps you think that you don’t need qualifications? Well, in fact I will not leave my dog with someone who has not shown that they are accepted by the local authority. Dog boarding is the same as child minding and even more complex since dogs can cause an awful lot of damage to each other with their teeth.

Serving dog owners in Liverpool, Formby, Southport, Skelmersdale, Ormskirk, St Helens, and Chorley, Dog Harmony provides professional dog boarding services that are fully licensed and registered, and offer much more personal care than any type of standard kennels. I offer personalised care to make your best friend feel secure, happy and looked after.

A tired dog is a happy dog…If you are going to be away on business or holiday and need a peaceful environment where your dog can stay and enjoy undivided attention, plenty of exercise and a home-away-from-home treatment, then look no further than Dog Harmony Dog Boarding.

Your priority is to make sure your pet dog is properly looked after and cared for while you’re away or ill, and kennels may not always be the best solution. That’s because of the distress a dog can experience if they have to stay at a kennel. The break-in routine, the many other dogs and the strange sounds and smells can easily make a dog anxious and they may even stop eating and withdraw into themselves. They end up missing you and becoming upset in this new environment where they have to spend a great deal of time in a small cage.

Taking only one dog at any given time, Dog Harmony ensures every guest receives undivided attention for the entire duration of their dog boarding stay, with no unwanted distractions or distress caused by the noise and barking from other dogs. While in my care, your dog will enjoy a well-thought routine which will help him/her settle in quickly and make them feel secure, happy and looked after as they know what to expect each day.

If you’d like more information, or to book your dog’s dog boarding, please get in touch with me.


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