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Dog Harmony’s Boarding Facility - A Real Home Away from Home for Your Pet

The price is just £25.00 per night (24 hours) including walks and feeding (collection and drop-off just £30 extra)

If you are going to be away on business or holiday and need a peaceful environment where your dog can stay and enjoy undivided attention, plenty of exercise and a home-away-from-home treatment, then look no further. 

Serving dog owners in Liverpool, Formby, Southport, Skelmersdale, Ormskirk, St Helens, and Chorley, Dog Harmony provides professional boarding services much more personal than any type of standard kennels. I offer personalised care to make your best friend feel secure, happy and looked after.

What to Expect From My Dog Boarding ServIce

I’m confident that I can help you if you’re having difficulty controlling your dog’s behaviour generally or in specific situations.

Your priority is to make sure your pet dog is properly looked after and cared for while you’re away or ill, and kennels may not always be the best solution. That’s because of the distress a dog can experience if they have to stay at a kennel. 

The break-in routine, the many other dogs and the strange sounds and smells can easily make a dog anxious and they may even stop eating and withdraw into themselves. They end up missing you and becoming upset in this new environment where they have to spend a great deal of time in a small cage. 

Plus, there’s the very real possibility of picking up infections or diseases from other dogs. You won’t want to collect your dog only to find them ill and anxious.

Board, Yes. Bored, Never! – Exclusive Care to Suit Your Dog

Taking only one dog at any given time, Dog Harmony ensures every guest receives undivided attention for the entire duration of their stay, with no unwanted distractions or distress caused by the noise and barking from other dogs. 

While in my care, your dog will enjoy a well-thought routine which will help him/her settle in quickly and make them feel secure, happy and looked after as they know what to expect each day.

Special Offer

I now offer a collection and drop-off service with my dog boarding 
(just £25).

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In addition

You can access a reduced rate for my dog safaris and you can also try taster sessions for obedience and scent training! ONLY when your dog boards with me!

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Our Routine
  • the day starts at 7am when the dog is let out for morning emptying;
  • breakfast time;
  • it is followed by daily walks that take the breed of dog in consideration; dogs that are unable to do this are walked separately;
  • your dog will get plenty of exercise through varied walks around the boarding facility, in natural areas with woods and different types of terrain to walk on, which ensures continuous stimulation;
  • obedient dogs that do not chase livestock are walked off lead; anyone interested in using my services may have to consider doing some training with me beforehand. [See my Residential Training service ]. Owners of trained dogs can be assured that all the training and discipline received by their pets will be maintained throughout their stay;
  • after a schedule of several long walks, plenty of exercise and fun, the day ends at 9:30pm when your dog is tucked up with a few biscuits.

For further details and to discuss available dates, please 
Contact Me
Extra Specifications and Requirements
  • Specialist Service for Gun Dog Owners– Dog Harmony can accommodate a variety of dog breeds with different levels of training, including gun dogs. I will make sure that your training and hard work does not get undone. 
  • Special Care for Senior Dogs– Dog Harmony welcomes senior dogs too, and care is taken to provide the correct amount of walking and exercise they need and can manage. While in our care, the golden oldies receive special attention to make their stay as relaxing and comfortable as possible, and I also take care of administering their medication.
  • Health Prerequisites– Please note that your pet must be fully vaccinated, including the Intrac (Kennel Cough) vaccine, three weeks before boarding. Vaccination certificates must be produced on arrival. You also need to ensure that your dog has been wormed recently and bring any medication they are taking (with written instructions) so we may continue their treatment. In case of an emergency, our vet will attend your dog and liaise with your veterinary surgeon, if necessary.
  • Food and Dietary Needs- Dog Harmony does not provide the food for your dog because it is important that they continue with their usual diet. So when your dog comes to stay, please make sure you bring plenty of supplies – their holiday will be an active one and they’ll need extra fuel. 
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Dog Boarding Conditions 

That Recreate Their Home Environment

That’s why more people nowadays are forsaking kennels altogether and opting for dog boarding – all the comforts of home and with the same routine your pet is used to, including feeding and walking times. 
If you’re planning a trip away or can’t manage to look after your dog at any time because of an illness or other reasons, I have an excellent dog boarding home where they will be treated as a member of the family.
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Limited Places To Ensure

the Highest Standards  of Care and Attention 

With my dog boarding service, you can be sure your cherished pet will be looked after to the highest of standards in reliable and professional pet care. 
To ensure this, I only take one dogs at any one time, and they stay at our house for the duration.

Observing Your Dog’s Home Routine 

And Offering Plenty of Exercise

I listen to my customers’ needs, and the needs of their pet dogs, so that I can do exactly what you want during the time they’re with me. Your dog will receive several walks a day or even join one of our dog safaris if there is a spare place.

Professional Dog Care

From an Expert


To Avoid Disappointment Contact Me for Your Holidays or Call me on +44 0777 676 1289 for further information.

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