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Dog Harmony is the Brainchild of Peter Hargreaves

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For expert dog obedience training, behaviourist and boarding services in Liverpool, Formby, Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, St Helens, Preston, Southport and Wigan, you can count on Dog Harmony.

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An incredible man 

With an impressive history of training even the most difficult of breeds in the Royal Marines for protection, mine detection and searching for explosives and weapons.

After ten years of being entrusted with the most important canines in the UK military, Peter branched out to train his own pets. He turned his skills to championship training in Gundog trails, achieving 2 Field trail championship over the years. He now competes in working trails, obedience and trains assistant dogs and the plethora of awards he’s won demonstrates his incredible ability to train dogs using canine psychology

Just five years ago, he granted all pet owners with a gift by turning his attention to Dog Harmony, the place where the public can benefit from Peter’s extensive skills in dog training.
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25 Years’ Experience 

And a High Reputation in Puppy Training and Dog Psychology, Peter has trained dogs of the highest calibre in the past to disciplines far beyond what a domestic pet needs or wants.

Which is why, before launching Dog Harmony, he undertook extensive research and adapted his skills to suit the average family pet (who I know is far from average).

The word of mouth surrounding Dog Harmony shows that Peter’s attention to detail and commitment to adapting his skills to make his services bespoke has worked, 
as Peter is now revered in the local and county community as one of the best domestic dog trainers in the UK.
Peter still trains gun dogs and dogs to a championship level but is more often seen in the nature reserve next to his home training pets like yours. He uses a unique approach that ensures your dog never gets bored while they receive the exact attention needed to become a master of basic, and more complex, skills and tricks.

Peter’s training does not stop once your dog leaves the residential dog training in Merseyside, it continues into your home. 

The Dog Harmony’s after-care service is second to none and is one reason why Peter’s skills are so sought after.

Peter will visit you and your pet in your home to ensure all the training continues. 

As a leading dog behaviourist, he understands that a dog’s behaviour can change in different settings and he wants the work he does with your pet to last for a long time.

Expert Aftercare Ensures You and Your Dog Benefit Forever

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